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THE St. Louis Recording Studio Since 1992 *314-535-5556  *Jupiter.Booking@yahoo.com

$375 buys you a 10 hour day, $325 buys you a 8 hour day, or it’s just $50 per hourst. louis recording studio going green

Call or stop by to book! All you need is a $100 deposit. Bre is here 10 AM to 6 PM Monday-Friday. She can book your session, give you a tour, and answer any questions!

At Jupiter Studios, recording is so easy and so affordable. We do Recording, Tracking, Mixing, or Mastering, don’t have a band and need music, we can create music, make beats, we do Remote Recording, and we can even set up lights and sound at your next gig. We record and produce all styles of music.

For search engines we have included parts of our old web site.  HomeComposition,  FacilityAFacility B. Costfaq,  Recording studios st. louis.  St. louis mo recording mixing and mastering.  www.thejumpinjupiter.com www.jumpinjupiterlounge.com